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Mobile Eyes, LLC is a company founded by Dr. John R. Wood in 2007. Dr. Wood wants to provide an affordable and convenient way for people to keep their eyes healthy and see better. By avoiding insurances and the middle man, Dr. Wood can offer you all inclusive primary care with transparent prices, no paperwork headaches, no surprise bills, and great quality glasses at factory cost, all in the comfort of your own home. 

WHY Mobile Eyes?


Your eyes are very important! We often take our gift of sight for granted, but imagine not being able to see? Unfortunately, we live in a busy world, and because of COVID19, getting to eye health appointments can be even more challenging. Waiting rooms, long waits, and exposure to public places can be frightening for many during these times. Not to mention, for eye health exams, having your eyes dilated is often essential to comprehensive testing, and dilation can make it difficult if not impossible for many people to drive themselves. That means you need a driver. 

HOME EYE EXAMS are safe and convenient! Dr. Wood will wear a mask and gloves for your protection. You won't need a driver, and you can rest assured your eyes are getting quality care. 

What kind of equipment is used?


The advancement in technology for mobile optometry equipment has been incredible in recent years. Dr. Wood uses the most advanced mobile equipment, including a handheld slit-lamp, state of the art autorefraction, trial lenses, retinal and anterior segment camera, tonopen for eye pressure (no annoying airpuff!), and more. Dr. Wood has over 14 years experience treating all kinds of eye disease in a mobile setting. If Dr. Wood finds that you need advanced care such as cataract surgery, retina treatment, or glaucoma surgery, he can refer you to the best specialists in the area, just like any office setting would do.  

Dr. John R. Wood and his wife Kristin are from Alvada, OH. They have five children. John is also the author of three books, including the bestselling "Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Mission." John has spoken at hundreds of churches and schools across the country helping people strive to become the best version of themselves.