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Q. What ages is this service for?

A. Dr. Wood can provide examinations for the whole family. The service is especially valuable for elderly or immunocompromised individuals who have difficulty getting to an office.


Q. Do you take insurance?

A. No, our prices are low by avoiding the middle man. Your insurance will not be billed. You will have no extra charges or copays. Your price is completely transparent. Your total yearly membership price for all in home eye care and telehealth visits, and the cost of glasses is still cheaper than most insurance plans and most glasses! 


Q. Is there a discount for multiple family members?

A. Yes, our family plan of $25 a month covers all eye health for the whole family. The more kids you have, the better the discount! (note: We do ask that all comprehensive yearly exams are done at the same home visit)


Q. Do you offer contact lens exams and contacts?

A.  Yes, updated contact lens prescriptions can be prescribed for most existing wearers, and we offer fittings and discounted prices on select brands of single vision, toric, and multifocal soft lenses. Ask when scheduling.


Q. What kind of glasses do you offer?

A. Dr. Wood will use an online ordering company that offers high-quality frames and lenses at low cost. He will have trial frames that you can try on, or he can help you choose from dozens of options with an online fitting tool. If Dr. Wood does not carry a frame that you would like to try on physically, he will order the trial frame at no cost to you. Most glasses are $49 or less which includes refraction and frame fitting!

Q. Do you offer progressive lenses, bifocals, transitions, anti-reflective coatings, and other features?

A. Yes! In fact, anti-reflective coating is included in all glasses, progressives for as little as $30 extra, and bifocals for as little as $17 extra. (Prices can vary for larger prescriptions.) Other features such as tint or transitions are offered for $30 or less!

Q. Do the glasses have a warranty?

A. Yes, if you subscribe to the membership, it includes one replacement of standard lenses and frames in the first 12 months if your glasses break for any reason! All you pay is any add on features such as progressives or transitions. For non-members, there is a 30-day warranty on broken glasses. 


Q. What if I want to order glasses elsewhere?

A. Dr. Wood can provide a copy of your glasses prescription. You are free to take that prescription and shop anywhere you would like. Keep in mind though, if there is a problem with glasses purchased elsewhere, we are unable to replace or correct them. 


Q. How do telemedicine visits work?

A. As long as you have had your initial exam and have the monthly subscription, all your visits are covered, including telemedicine visits. Have a red eye? Just schedule a same day telemedicine visit. Contact Dr. Wood via phone or text, and as soon as he has a free moment, you can click on the link on our telemedicine page and you will be in the virtual waiting room! Dr. Wood can call in a prescription to your pharmacy, give you advice, or decide if he needs to see you in person. 

Q. What areas do you service?

A. We are currently servicing Seneca, Hancock, and Wyandot counties in Ohio. Contact us if you have questions or special request

Q. What if I have glaucoma or a specific eye disease that requires multiple exams per year?

A. Then this plan is especially valuable for you! Your price is the same whether you have 2 visits or 10 visits, including eye pressure checks. This is also valuable for your family. You won't need a driver for your eye health visits.