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Your monthly membership plan covers all of the following services:

  • A Yearly Comprehensive Exam, which includes checking the glasses prescription 

  • All followup and emergency visits, including red eyes, eye pressure checks, and glasses adjustments

  • Same day Telemedicine appointments and consultations to ask questions, seek advice, and get prescriptions

  • Prescriptions and renewals for all eye medications that are needed

  • One month discount if you would like to pay for the entire year up front

  • A 12-month warranty on standard glasses ordered through Mobile Eyes! All you pay is any add on features. 

  • Cancel anytime: You may cancel anytime, but a minimum charge of $75 is due after a comprehensive exam. If you haven't already hit that balance, the remaining balance is due at the time of cancellation. 


Your Family Membership plan includes everything in the Individual Plan for the whole family!

  • Parents of large families are heroic, and we want to reward you. The more people in your family, the better deal you are getting!

  • NOTE: We do ask that all family members get their comprehensive yearly exams at the same visit. There will be a $50 travel fee for any additional visits for yearly comprehensive exams. This does not apply to red eyes or ER visits, which can be scheduled at any time for anybody in your family at no additional charge. 

  • Cancel anytime: A minimum family balance of $187 is due after three or more yearly comprehensive exams. The remaining balance is due at the time of cancellation if it has not already been met.


  • GLASSES: There are a variety of glasses to try on and choose from with factory-direct prices. Prices vary depending on frame and lens features, but most glasses are $50 or less!  

  • ROUTINE EXAM: If you prefer to have a routine comprehensive eye exam without a membership, the cost is $75 per home visit. This includes checking your glasses prescription. 

  • CONTACT LENS EXAM: Without a membership, a CL exam is $120, which includes any follow-up visits. For members, it is only $25 per person.   

  • TELEMEDICINE: Urgent care needs and follow-ups can often be done by telemedicine. The cost of this service is $50 for non-members and is free for members. 

Let's do the Math!

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Yearly subscription total = $120

Glasses and Refraction = $50-$70


That's less than most insurance plans and less than a single pair of most glasses...all in the convenience of your own home!

That is something to smile about...

Moriah and Lumena

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